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Get to know the NICU Room, where the Intensive Care Babies are in the Hospital

The NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) room is a special place for caring for newborns who need close supervision by medical personnel. Usually babies who are treated in the NICU room are born with a health disorder, for example born prematurely or born with a congenital defect. Like the emergency department (ER), the NICU room is a rapid response unit. This room is a special treatment room that provides facilities and infrastructure to overcome and prevent various conditions that can endanger the safety of newborns with health problems. Various Equipment Available in the NICU Room The NICU room is equipped with various medical devices to support intensive care of newborns. The following are tools that you can find inside the NICU room: 1. Incubator An incubator is a small bed like a baby crib made of hard colored transparent plastic. This tool is useful for protecting infants from various causes of infection, as well as keeping the body warm. Around the incubator, there are
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Pregnant Women, Lower Stomach Often Pain, Maybe This Is the Cause

Pregnant women often feel pain in the lower abdomen that spreads around the groin, pelvis, or groin? Come on, look at the possible causes. Pregnant women do not need to panic because lower abdominal pain is a normal condition that is often experienced, especially in the second trimester of pregnancy. This pain can be felt on both sides of the stomach or only on one side, especially the right side. In some pregnant women, this pain can be felt until the third trimester. Common Causes of Lower Stomach Pain To maintain and maintain its position, the uterus is supported by connective tissue called ligaments. In pregnant women, increasing the size of the uterus can make these ligaments tighten, causing pain in the lower abdomen. Lower abdominal pain is more common in the first pregnancy. Pain that usually lasts a few seconds will be increasingly felt if pregnant women make sudden movements, for example suddenly standing, laughing, coughing, sneezing, or rolling on the bed. Although i

This is an Effective Way to Burn Fat

For those of you who want to take slimming pills to get rid of body fat or lose weight, it's good to reconsider. Actually there are ways to burn fat that is safer and more effective than taking slimming pills. There are various ways to burn fat that are effective and practical for routine. You just need the right strategy so that body fat that interferes with appearance can disappear over time. Choices of How to Burn Body Fat Here are some ways to burn body fat that can be an option: Do aerobic exercise and strength training One way to burn body fat that can be an option is to routinely do aerobic exercise. Do this exercise regularly every day for 30 minutes to burn fat and keep the body fit. The choice of aerobic exercise is very diverse, ranging from brisk walking, cycling, to swimming. In addition to aerobic exercise, you are also advised to complete it with strength training. Strength training is useful in helping the formation of muscle that decreases with age. Muscl